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~ love your hair and it’ll love you back ~

most people hate their hair
it’s too straight, it’s too curly,
it’s too dense, it’s too fine,
it’s too flat, it’s too voluminous,
and on and on.
that right there is the problem.

embrace your hair
love it. pamper it
and see it behaving or not
even in its unruly messy madness
that’s the beauty of hair
that it’s everything.

soft and shiny
big and bold and coarse
and all over the place
and that’s okay.

we are obsessed with being proper
and neat and our hair gets pulled into that struggle everyday
sometimes all we need to do is back off. leave your hair alone.

if it’s straight let it flow from your head like a sheet of sexy sleek rain
if it’s curly let it be a tornado of wildfire
around your head
if it’s wavy let it swim and float and wrap you in gentleness

and if it’s both or all or nothing
let it be a cocktail of mysterious wonder
if you bully your hair into going against its natural tendency
(whatever that might be)
it’s going to rebel.

instead let it do whatever it wants to do and it’ll do it most magnificently.
just stop hating on your hair
and see what happens.

a beat-the-heat makeover :)

And for all you gorgeous curly haired folks -
Don’t fear going short.
You can do only about a million things with your mermaid locks.
whether it’s a pixie or whether it’s waist long curliness - keep it layered!
and by that I mean have lots of movement in your hair.
that’ll keep your hair from becoming bushy and triangular.
Plus your curls will be more defined.

~ be open to playing with your hair and see the magic ~


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